New file transfer protocol analyzed

I have successfully managed to reverse-engineer a new file transfer protocol for GG11. Good news is, that I implemented my own client, able to send a file. Bad news is, that it requires a token, which is send by Gadu-Gadu service after successfully logging in using GG11 protocol.

That means, Pidgin (and other clients, like Kadu) will be able to support new file transfer method just after introducing GG11 protocol support for libgadu. On the other hand, old file transfer protocol implementation for Pidgin have questionable value, because original Gadu-Gadu client seems to be in middle of dropping support for it. Continue reading

New feature: contact list synchronization

Recently, I’ve been working on a new feature: contact list synchronization (#9463). Gadu-Gadu service introduced support for it while ago. It works similarly as for xmpp protocol. Changes were extensive, so it may not work perfectly yet, but I’ve done my best to do it well. Although, if someone wants to help with testing (Linux machines only at this moment), don’t bother to ask me for sources. Or – even better – check out them directly from repository. However, I may not be able to access Internet in following week, so the second option would be better. Continue reading

Images support and account management improvements

This time I have mostly been doing code refactoring, resulting in bugfixes and following improvements.

After 3.x.x API changes, receiving of inline images was broken, it’s fixed now. There is one more issue related with new API: sent inline images are not displayed in conversation window, but it’s not Gadu-Gadu protocol plugin issue.

New feature related to inline images was introduced: notification about delivery status of sent pictures. Continue reading