Gadu-Gadu 11 – Pidgin supports it too

After finishing GSoC I didn’t gave up working on GG support in Pidgin. Indeed, most important progress was made recently: I managed to almost completely reverse-engineer new GG11 protocol, implement it in libgadu, and then in Pidgin.

New protocol allows introducing support for new file transfer (via GG Drive), new public directory, new, faster and more reliable contact list synchronization. There are also new conferences, where we can now easily leave them and add new participants. Actually, conferences are better supported in Pidgin, than in official client.

We have only one regression left (against old protocol): sending of inline images. When I fix that, I plan to implement the long-awaited file transfer support (#372 – please note that very low ticket number).

Testing versions of Pidgin and libgadu are available in repositories:

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