New feature: contact list synchronization

Recently, I’ve been working on a new feature: contact list synchronization (#9463). Gadu-Gadu service introduced support for it while ago. It works similarly as for xmpp protocol. Changes were extensive, so it may not work perfectly yet, but I’ve done my best to do it well. Although, if someone wants to help with testing (Linux machines only at this moment), don’t bother to ask me for sources. Or – even better – check out them directly from repository. However, I may not be able to access Internet in following week, so the second option would be better.

Buddy avatars handling was reimplemented. Now, it consumes much less network traffic and doesn’t freeze user interface. Instant update of avatars works again now (#13739). Reducing network traffic fixes issue of crashing on systems with gnome desktop (#14305).

Another new feature was done: username validation (#14649). Changes were done in pidgin and libpurple, not Gadu-Gadu protocol plugin, but the last one gets benefits from it. Now, there is no possibility to type in invalid (non-numeric, or even with just a space before or after) GG number in account setup and buddy adding dialogs.

Now, I’m working on:

  • validation in dialogs from request API (new account registration, password change dialogs);
  • message delivery notifications (discussion started);
  • change misleading “username” labels to “GG number” for Gadu-Gadu protocol (discussion stuck);
  • proxy support (discussion also stuck).

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