The last stop before file transfer

I have just finished new http support module for libpurple. Old one was a bit poor, so it didn’t allowed well-designed file transfer implementation for Gadu-Gadu. So, I decided to put here some more work and do it well.

Before making a decision about own HTTP support, we (with Pidgin dev team) were trying to choose any library, which can do it for us. I had succeeded with initial libcurl integration, but it turned out, that it’s not possible to force this library to use all required libpurple callbacks. Such library have to use Pidgin’s proxy, ssl and dns implementation. Other libraries case is – unfortunately – much worse.

All obstacles before introducing file transfer support for GG are suppressed, so I can handle this now. Furthermore, I had succeeded with test implementation of sending a file – it’s unusable rigth now, but at least – it works.


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