New Gadu-Gadu protocol revealed

New DNS resolver for libgadu is already done. This effects in stability (especially, under Windows: #6263) and some code cleanup (win32 related code is no longer needed).

Also, now our libgadu fork have just one-lineĀ difference against upstream (#343). At least, it will be one line after upgrading to 1.12.0, because now we have some patches plucked from upstream trunk. Continue reading

New GSoC project: Gadu-Gadu protocol plugin for Pidgin – improvements

After a gap year, Pidgin applied for Google Summer of Code. One of accepted proposals is set of improvements for Gadu-Gadu protocol plugin – that’s my task. I will post here some news about progress on that. Also, if there would be anyone interested, I will publish nightly builds for testing purposes.

Most important improvements to do:

  • file transfer;
  • contact list synchronization – something like xmpp/jabber does;
  • Windows SSL support – now, encryption is available just for Linux with GnuTLS;
  • code refactoring (it’s unnoticeable for end-user);
  • voice chat support – I will try to do this, but I don’t promise anything else.

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