Pidgin development builds

I’m sharing here ready-to-use development builds of Pidgin, with experimental support for various features. Please keep in mind, that you are using them at your own responsibility – this site is not official source of this software, its made just for getting it easier from official repository.

Packet Source Last updated (version)
Pidgin3 + video (win32) hg: main 2013-06-08 (d44a3e57992c)
Pidgin3 + keyrings (source) hg: masterpassword 2013-05-16 (bebc1b64681e)
Pidgin3 + keyrings (win32) hg: masterpassword 2013-05-16 (bebc1b64681e)
libgadu 1.12.0-dev (source) hg: gg11-libgadu 2013-02-04 (dd791cc07ed0)
Pidgin3 + GG11 (source) hg: gg11 2013-02-06 (c27e31267e8d)

According to GG11 branch: at this moment there is only linux version available. Moreover, its necessary to install external libgadu (from package provided above).

Known problems

Missing when launching Pidgin: after updating from 2.x to 3.0.0 there may be necessity to run ldconfig tool with root privileges.

Lack of GTK3 themes: if you are encountering problems with this version of that library, you can always compile against older, using switch ./configure --with-gtk=2 --with-gstreamer=0.10.

6 thoughts on “Pidgin development builds

  1. Hello!
    I was wondering if we could get some new builds, since going into 2014 I’m sure there’s been a number of improvements. Especially interested in Pidgin-VV for less fortunate Windows users.


    • I would like to publish a build after releasing libgadu 1.12.0 and merging my OTR plugin changes to its main branch. These two will allow me to integrate all the stuff I worked on into Pidgin’s main branch and this in turn will make it possible to release single build with all these features.

      Unfortunately, I haven’t worked on Pidgin-VV since my last blog post, because I’m still not sure what direction should I face to: gst 0.10 is unstable on win32 and not maintained anymore, but 1.0 doesn’t have any replacement for GstPropertyProbe.

    • I’d like to support the wish for an updated Windows build ;-)

    • I know I promised to release a new build some time ago, but I got heavily engaged with a “small” hobby project. I’m now going on a few-weeks-long trip, but I’ll go back to work on Pidgin when I’m back.

    • Poke.

      You should get automatic builds for this up. There’s a Jenkins instance at, but I’m not sure if it’s building 3.x or 2.x, and in any case I can’t see any way to download builds from it. That’d sure make it a lot easier to follow development than “crosscompile it yourself” is :)

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