I have put a lot of effort into a feature that I don’t even use: graphical emoticons. As usual, the small issue resulted in a large code refactoring. I had the task of fixing regression bugs from Pidgin 2.x.y, so I took care of broken remote smileys. It’s a pleasant feature, that allows defining the list of custom smileys to use in outgoing messages. Continue reading

101 HTTP implementations

Previous libpurple version suffers from poor HTTP implementation. Ordinary user won’t notice that, because plugins tries to fill the hole. However, when every single component that uses HTTP have to deal with the same issues, there must be some mess left.

Nearly a year ago, I’ve decided to put some effort here and implement new, flexible HTTP API. Now, I’ve came even deeper, replacing existing implementations with my new tool. Continue reading

Google donates Pidgin to improve its security

Some time ago, Google contacted me regarding security concerns related to Pidgin. After a long discussion, they decided to make a donation to Instant Messaging Freedom foundation, which was then able to sponsor some work related to Pidgin’s security improvements.

Therefore, I will periodically publish here news about work being done (of course, containing only the non-sensitive information). Continue reading