Images support and account management improvements

This time I have mostly been doing code refactoring, resulting in bugfixes and following improvements.

After 3.x.x API changes, receiving of inline images was broken, it’s fixed now. There is one more issue related with new API: sent inline images are not displayed in conversation window, but it’s not Gadu-Gadu protocol plugin issue.

New feature related to inline images was introduced: notification about delivery status of sent pictures.

Account registration feature was fixed and got improved usability. Improperly filled form notifies about invalidity and let user to fix it, instead of closing and dropping entered data.

Password change dialog also was reimplemented and refreshed.

Both of above were improved by new implementation of http requests handling. Now there is an option to show cancelable notification of running request.

There were fixes for GTK Pidgin user interface too (indirectly related to GG protocol plugin). Most important was better support for protocols with automatically assigned user identifiers, by fixing registration dialog for them.

Now I am still working on proxy support (discussion ongoing, proof-of-concept implementation done), username validation (also at discussion stage) and improving avatars support.

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